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Hobie 18 (Posted 06/13/17 – Expires 09/13/17)

O’Day 27 and Pearson 30 (Posted 06/4/17 – Expires 09/4/17)

Zuma (Posted 05/13/17 – Expires 08/13/17)

Oday 222 (Posted 04/28/17 – Expires 07/28/17)

Highlander (Posted 04/25/17 – Expires 07/25/17)

O’Day 23 (Posted 04/13/17 – Expires 07/13/17)

Catalina 22 (Posted 03/28/17 – Expires 06/28/17)

Catalina 30 TR (Re-posted 05/02/17- Expires 08/02/17)

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Alcort Sailfish Parts. (Posted 04/25/17 – Expires 07/25/17)


Outboard Motor – I am looking for a 6 to possibly 8 horsepower kicker motor for a 25 foot sailboat. I need the long shaft which is about 20 inches. The motor is mounted to the transom. If you have such a motor in good running condition, please call me. I may be interested. Thank you. 803-237-4745 Clark Frady

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