Connecting Skippers and Crew – Ground Rules (Non members welcome)

  1. Be brief. 
  2. Email your listing request to the webmaster.
  3. Identify yourself as Skipper or Crew. Skippers should identify your boat type.
  4. Include your name, email, and the phone number you prefer callers to use.
  5. Include experience level.  Please note that categories apply to Skippers and Crew.
    1. Willing to learn
    2. Experienced
  6. Indicate your level of committment (regular participation, occasional participation) and interest (cruising, racing)  This applies to Skippers and Crew.
  7. Notify the webmaster when your listing is no longer needed.

Skipper – Needs Crew – 2016

Crew – Needs Skipper – 2016

No current postings

 No current postings.