Scots on the Rocks

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Close Quarters Start

Good breezes and pleasant temperatures made for great sailing on Lake Murray for a fleet of 19 competitors in our 2017 Scots on the Rocks “sailfest”.

 Flying Scot youth and adult sailors from our club joined friends from the Carolinas District, Dixie Lakes District, and Florida District to enjoy two days of lively competition.   We were particularly delighted by the full spectrum of experience represented in this year’s event.  Current (and former) North American champions, Jeff and Amy Linton, with their local “battle buddies”, Mark and Michele Taylor, demonstrated how to make the most of every puff and lull.  These were closely pursued by John Kriedler, with LMSC youth crew Jacob Dickson and David Helmick, with LMSC “pick up” crew Tom Berens.  Leading “the rest of us” was Sean O’Donnell and crew Dave Rink.  Three Lake Murray Sailing Association (LMSC’s Community Sailing partner)  all youth teams entering their first regatta and a couple of adult competitors climbing the path toward “regatta hardened” status rounded out the mix.  Seeing new sailors joining in the fun is highly rewarding, especially when we saw our “top guns” sharing advice and go fast tips with them as so many Flying Scot sailors do.

Reching for Speed

Reaching for Speed

Saturday’s breeze, while offering some brisk sailing with the occasional whitecap putting in an appearance, nevertheless proved quite challenging.  With significant oscillations and some randomly scattered lulls thrown in the mix, finding the pressure sometimes meant taking a “header hit” to stay powered up.  The consensus evolving among the leaders, as reliably demonstrated by results, was stay right, but not too far right.  Fewer lulls, and perhaps a little less chop.  Downwind brought the same challenges, necessitating perhaps one or two more gybes and closer reaches to stay in the pressure

Race 4 on Sunday began in fairly light air that filled in during the first weather leg to a more respectable 7 knots, give or take.  With less radical oscillations and fewer “holes”, there were still plenty of opportunities to get in phase with the lifted tacks and to look for pressure up the course.  Downwind legs required fewer gybes, but lots of pole adjustments to keep the hottest spinnaker trim.

Scots on the Rocks series winners for 2017 are Jeff and Amy Linton.  Mark and Michele Taylor were a close second.  Both hail from Davis Island Yacht Club.   John Kriedler and Jacob Dickson, the comeback kids, hit their stride on Sunday to move into third place.  David Ziehl, with crew Veronica Vogt and Zachary Ziehl, representing LMSA, sailed a consistent series to take 1st place in the youth division.

Sean O’Donnell and Dave Rink of Lake Norman Yacht Club, with a 5th overall, take the 2017 Carolina’s District Championship and will proudly display the district’s perpetual trophy until they have a chance to defend  it next year.

From the Lake Murray Sailing Club Flying Scot fleet and the much appreciated supporting members of our club, thanks to all our guests for making our 2017 Scots on the Rocks tons of fun and a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

Flying Scot sailing . . .It doesn’t get any better!

2017 Results | Directions | Hotels