MC Scows

MC Scow Fleet #89 is chartered at Lake Murray Sailing Club

Through out the Southeast US, new fleets of MC Scows are springing up. The MC is a very popular boat that can be sailed by one or two depending on the weather conditions. Lake Murray Sailing Club now has an active fleet of 18 MC Scows that boasts a large and enthusiastic number of youth sailors.

The MC Scow was designed in 1965 by Harry Melges Sr. and his son Buddy Melges. The boat started to be an active one design class in the 1980’s. Today, there are over 2400 boats in fleets throughout the US with a good concentration in the Southeast. There are numerous fleets in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia.

Sixteen feet in length, the MC Scow carries 135 square feet of cat rigged sail. Featuring lee boards typical of inland lake scows, the leeward board is always lowered and the boat is sailed at about a 15 degree angle of heel for maximum speed and optimum performance.

Easy to rig and launch, you can literally hook up the trailer, launch the boat and be sailing in 10 minutes.  Retrieval and stowing the boat may take 3 to 5 minutes longer.

The boat is stable in good breezes, and gives a fantastic thrill planing downwind or on a reach in moderate winds. Another good feature; the boat only requires one person to sail! At regattas, some individuals take along a crew member in case the wind blows a bit, but the boat is easily sailed by a single person.

Our fleet has been participating regularly in Sunday afternoon racing and “playtime” sailing activities. As summer progresses, with warming water and longer daylight hours, we add instructional events (think capsize drills) and midweek sailing/social activities in the cooling early evening hours.

For more information on the MC Scow and Fleet 89, call or email Allan Gowans at 240-4333, or visit the MC Scow web site.