Rodesiler Series

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About LMSC Open Entry Club Racing 

Using the widely recognized “Portsmouth Yardstick” system that competitively rates boats of very different types, the Rodesiler club racing series is open to every LMSC member.  Portsmouth numbers allow reasonably level competition between boats of varying types and sail plans.  Well sailed centerboard boats of differing design can be very closely competitive using the Portsmouth handicapping system.

Sailors of larger boats often prefer the widely recognized PHRF rating system and sailing longer courses.  We offer our competitors a separate PHRF division with a separate start and a longer race course.  Our low key format is just the ticket for those who want some racing fun without the close quarter intensity of a congested start line fray.

Every LMSC sailor is invited to join in the camaraderie of our local low key competition.  It is a great way to combine shared fun with learning how to get the most from your own sail boat.  Guest sailors from other clubs are welcome to join the fun.

Named in honor of the late Paul Rodesiler, a charter member and past Commodore of LMSC, Paul was an avid sailor and racer, participated enthusiastically in the club’s seasonal open handicap racing series, and contributed wholeheartedly to the growth and success of LMSC.


Registration forms are not required, however, competitors must declare intent to race by providing the following information to the PRO:

  • Division (Portsmouth or PHRF)
  • Skipper name
  • Sail Number
  • Boat type (If you change boat types during the series, declare the new boat type)
  • Spinnaker/Non spinnaker (if applicable)

Means of registering in order of preference:

  • Email information to the Sailing Chairman (Tommy Weaver for 2017)
  • Inform the PRO land side on the day of event
  • Inform the PRO while sailing past the signal boat on the day of the event.  Approach on starboard tack.

If you did not race with us at the beginning of the season or have just joined the club, you are encouraged to join us mid-season for these truly fun racing events. Pre-registration is not required. Simply declare your intent to enter the series using a method outlined above.