Sailfast U


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  • Improve your boat handling skills
  • Learn rules of the road
  • Learn what makes your boat fast
  • Learn optimum sail trim for conditions
  • Learn to use wind shifts
  • Gain confidence
  • Develop a reliable starting strategy
  • Optimize mark roundings
  • Develop on-course strategy and tactics

Who Should Attend

Sailfast U is designed for the LMSC sailor who is already competent in the basics of sailing* but who wants to improve his or her boat handling and boat performance. Instruction is oriented toward, but not limited to, the racing sailor.  Sailors who want to become better skippers and crew, racing or not, are eligible to attend.  We only ask that you have a genuine desire to sail to the best of your ability.

Training Format

Sailfast U training will be in the stable and responsive Flying Scot or the MC Scow.  Local skippers experienced in local and regional regatta competition volunteer to coach willing students.  Coaches may demonstrate particular skills, but students will normally sail the boat 90% of the time.

Course Outline

Sailfast U. is a one day session organized as follows:

We will concentrate on boat handling and boat speed.  Students will concentrate on maximizing straight line boat speed with emphasis on optimum sail and boat trim.  Boat handling drills will emphasize executing swift, controlled, and efficient tacks and gybes.  Includes spinnaker set, gybe, and take down drills for Flying Scot sailors.  Expect lots of repetition.

2017 Schedule

April 01 – 10:00 am – 4:00 pm (weather permitting)

Schedule includes an end of session “Burgers & Beverages” picnic social on the patio.


Email Allan Gowans to reserve your spot in the class.  There is no fee.  Be sure to sign up early.


1. Wear soft soled shoes. Ordinary sneakers or athletic shoes are fine. Do not wear open toed sandals.
2. Bring sunscreen or sunblock. If you normally wear sun protective clothing outdoors, be sure to wear it for these sessions.
3. Wear sun shades. Your eyes need the protection.
4. Layered clothing is best for unexpected weather.  A waterproof bag for extra layers is recommended.
5. Bring a properly sized US Coast Guard approved PFD with you.**
6. Use your sun protective gear, clothing, or lotions even if the day is cloudy. Indirect UV is just as harmful as UV from full sun.
7. Bring water and a lunch.  Hydration is a must and we will take a break around noon of 12:30 for lunch and “chalk talk”.

*Sailfast U is not a learn to sail course.  If you are interested in learning the basics of sailing, contact training Chairman Ryan Gaskin for details of our “Learn Sailing Right” program.

**Safety requirements prohibit us carrying students not wearing USCG approved Personal Flotation Devices.  If you do not have an approved device and cannot borrow a suitable one from a friend, West Marine or your local sports outfitter offers basic models at nominal cost.