Sailing for Fun

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A First Sail Experience

A Fun Sailing Adventure

Are you interested in sailing?  Do you live within approximately an hours drive of Lake Murray?  Our Sailing for Fun clinic, available to non-members, may be just right for you.

Have you wanted to experience sailing but never taken that first step? Maybe you didn’t think you had the time? Maybe you thought it too expensive? Whatever your reason, it is much simpler and less daunting than you may have thought.

Our Sailing for Fun clinics are one day events involving a few pleasant hours in boats with experienced skippers. They will answer your questions and encourage hands on sailing. Fees ($55) are inexpensive because it is a “not for profit” program supported by volunteers.  Our First Sail program is tailored for adults and self sufficient youth 14 years and up.

Sessions begin at 9:00 AM on Saturday or 1:00 PM Sunday. Check the schedule posted below.  You can expect a brief introduction to the day’s activities followed by launching, and sailing. For morning sessions, lunch (bring your own) is usually around 12:30 pm.   Length of sessions are weather dependent.

Note: Schedules are developed throughout the year and may change based on weather and volunteer instructor availability. If you have enrolled in a session that must be rescheduled, your event coordinator will notify you.

Sailing for Fun schedule for 2018:

May 19 (Saturday) – 9 am
June 10 (Sunday) – 9 am
June 23 (Saturday) – 9 am

To register for one of our 2018 Sailing for Fun sessions, please email event coordinator Ryan Gaskin:

If all sessions for the current year are completed and you would like to be notified of next year’s schedule, leave your email address using the contact information above.

Class Preparedness Checklist.  Please read before attending class.
1. *Wear soft soled shoes. Boat shoes are better for wet surface traction, but ordinary sneakers or athletic shoes are fine. Do not wear open toed sandals or thongs.
2. Bring sunscreen or sunblock. If you normally wear sun protective clothing outdoors, be sure to wear it for these sessions.
3. Wear sun shades. Your eyes need the protection.
4. Layered clothing is best for unexpected weather.  A waterproof bag for the extra layers and a light rain jacket (for spray in frisky conditions) are recommended.
5. Bring plenty of water (or your favorite electrolyte beverage).  Two 20 oz. bottles should be considered a minimum.  Dehydration on the water is much more common that most folks realize.
6. **Bring a properly sized US Coast Guard approved PFD with you.
7. Use your sun protective gear, clothing, or lotions even if the day is cloudy. Indirect UV is just as harmful as UV from full sun.

* To avoid risk of injury from wearing open toed or hard sole shoes, we are unable to  carry students wearing these items.

**Safety requirements prohibit us carrying students not wearing USCG approved Personal Flotation Devices.  If you do not have an approved device and cannot borrow a suitable one from a friend, West Marine or your local sports outfitter, or on-line retailer offers basic models at nominal cost.